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Greetings Gentlemen
My name is Taven.  I'm a Stripper, masseur (not licensed), and escort*
based out of San Antonio, Texas.  Let me tell you a little about myself. 
I'm 31 yrs old, weigh 140 lbs., 5'7" tall, 28" waist, swimmers build.
I am an ex-navy man and have traveled the world extensively at
such a young age.  I especially loved my time in the Far East.  I
am currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in biology here in
the Alamo City.  I enjoy biking, swimming, and weight lifting to
       stay in shape.
My tastes in entertainment are as varied as my taste in men.  I
love theatre or going clubbing all night.  I love eating out and
going to the movies or staying in for a romantic evening for two. 
I love specialized gardening or exploring the great outdoors;
from sunny beaches to mountain climbing.  I'm outgoing when
it's appropriate and discreet when it's necessary.  I can be laid
back and laughing or holding my own in an intellectual
I love to travel and am passport ready if it's your desire to whisk us
off to a faraway land.  I'm tri-lingual; speaking english, french,
       and spanish should the occassion arise.
I'm attitude free and versatile on all accounts from tickling feet
to light BDSM should the mood strike us - you are NOT
paying to have sexual relations with me; only for my time. 
I love all types of  men; from the college preppy to the
 tenured professor, from the hard bodied jock to the portly
business executive.  I enjoy men of  all races and nationalities;
immersing myself in all the different cultures of our world.
AND brand new for 2011 I just got my bartender's License.  So check
out my "rates" page for my fees for this NEW SERVICE I can
now provide to you and your guests.

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*Escort as defined by this site is a "companion".  You are paying for my time and "companionship" ONLY.    Anything else that may occur is happening between two consenting adults and is NOT considered in the fees charged for services rendered.